Stone Stackers

Brainchild of Italian-based husband-and-wife duo Shilpa Srinivas and Paolo Ciacci, Stone Stackers is a young brand wedded to the ethics of sustainability through its singular marble collections. Their partnership with renowned marble company Simeg Marmi gives artists access to discarded marble chunks, which are creatively reused and reassembled in artful designs coupling exceptional functionality and seductive aesthetics. The freedom intrinsic to the crafting process is embodied in every single piece, which is unrivaled in its execution and will withstand the test of time.

Design Interiore

Artist duo Paolo Ciacci & Shilpa Srinivas collaborate within different fields focused on Bespoke Design projects to create and forge emotional atmospheres.

Simeg Marmi

Since 1934, Simeg has been turning stone materials into bespoke products for indoor and outdoor furnishings. Simeg’s history is rooted in the processing of slabs of natural material.